Car Parking


Car parking is available on the University’s campus for staff, students and visitors. Staff and students have the option of applying for a ‘standard annual permit’ or ‘pay as you go permit’. Students may also apply for a ‘single semester’ permit. Visitors must use the pay and display facilities available in all car parks. Allocation of spaces is on a first come, first served basis and the purchase of a permit does not provide guaranteed access to a car parking space.The Traffic & Parking Regulations and associated charges are reviewed on an annual basis.

The tariffs for 2015/16 are shown below. The revenue raised from parking ensures that the costs of administering the management of parking are met and that the University can continue to invest in green travel initiatives such as provision for cyclists, car sharing arrangements etc.

Charges and controls take effect from 14 September 2015

Staff / Students: Standard Permits

Full Time

£150.00 per annum

Staff - 0.6% f.t.e.

Student – part time

£75.00 per annum

Staff – 0.25% f.t.e

£37.50 per annum

Student - Single Semester

£66.67 Autumn Semester

£83.33 Spring Semester

Staff / Students: Pay As You Go Permit

Free Permit

£2.00 per day pay & display ticket

Visitors: Pay & Display Tariff

1 Hour


1-3 Hours


3-5 Hours


All Day


Private Parking Notices (PPNs)



Fee if paid within 14 days



Changes to the application process via the portal.

For all existing permit holders, the renewal process has been improved so that the application form will include known details from the year before. The permit holder will be asked to check the information and confirm it is correct or make any amendments. A new permit will be generated for 2015/16 which will be issued (on receipt of payment) to the address registered online. Parking permits can be paid for using cash, cheque or debit/credit card (in person at the car parking office), online or by telephone or for staff only, directly from salary (monthly or annually). This coming year, all staff and students can in addition to the existing options, pay using a secure payment option via the portal. The streamlined renewal process will ensure that permit applicants only ever have to enter their full details once. Payments on-line or by phone will enable permits to be delivered directly to students and staff paying by card without having to visit the car parking office.

Traffic & Parking Regulations 2015/2016

A copy of the 2015/16 Traffic & Parking Regulations is available here 
The main amendment to the Regulations relate to the removal of permit details/types from the document.

A frequently asked questions document detailing the above changes and car parking in general is available here

Any additional queries should be directed to the Car Parking office:  car.parking@stir.ac.uk or 01786-466065.


Car Parking Permits


Staff wishing to apply for a Car Parking Permit should, where possible, complete an online application via the University Portal. Online applications can be made by logging on to the Permit Application section of the Portal - here.


Students wishing to apply for a Car Parking Permit should log on to the Student Portal where a full range of Application Forms is available on-line.


Alternative travel measures

There are a number of alternative methods of travelling to the campus which the University either funds or has negotiated concessionary rates.  These include:


The University is committed to the philosophy of car sharing in the interest of reducing carbon emissions.  It also reduces motoring costs for the participants.  The Liftshare scheme, to which the University subscribes, can help put drivers in contact with others who wish to use the same route.

Public Transport

With approximately 19 buses per hour at peak times during semesters and railway stations located in both Bridge of Allan and Stirling, the University is well-served with public transport links. Additionally, both students and staff benefit from discounted fares from First Group. Further details on these services and alternative means of travel to/from the University are available in the ‘Getting Here’ section of the University’s website


Apart from being an economical and sustainable means of travel, cycling to work is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. The Stirling campus is very accessible by bicycle and the University continues to work in tandem with other agencies to provide and improve upon its cycling facilities.


The University is part of an initiative involving Nextbike, Transport Scotland, Forth Environment Link and Stirling Cycle Hub, to provide a bike rental scheme in Stirling. Bike rental hubs will be sited at the following locations:

  • Stirling Railway Station
  • Murray Place
  • Port Street
  • The Back Walk
  • Castle Business Park
  • Raploch Community Campus
  • NHS Forth Valley Community Hospital
  • Forth Valley College
  • University of Stirling Campus (3 locations): Cottrell Mail Room entrance, Willow Court and Alexander Court

Additionally, the University has funded a corporate subscription with Nextbike which will allow all staff and students free use of the scheme and free rental of a bike for the first 1 hour of every ride. A small charge (50p/ ½ hour) will apply for bike rentals longer than one hour. After initial registration, staff and students will be able to swipe their staff or student identity card at any of the Stirling or University hubs to rent a bike.

This subscription is being funded from the revenue raised from car parking charges as part of the University’s commitment to green travel initiatives.   Further details on this scheme and cycling in general are available here  

Car Parking Office

The University’s Car Parking and Traffic Management scheme is administered by a Clerical Assistant who is supported by the work carried out, “on the ground” by members of the Security team. Copies of the University's Traffic and Car Parking Regulations along with a list of FAQs can be also be accessed by logging on to the Driving section of the University's Getting Here web pages.

A copy of the University's Parking Permit Refund Policy is available here.

Change of vehicle forms are available for downloading here. Once completed, please return to the Car Parking Office.

The University is committed to developing a range of Green Travel Plan ideas some of which can be accessed by logging on to the Travel Information pages of the Portal.